1-Day Delight A Focal Disposable Progressive Contact Lenses


Presbyopia Contact Lenses

  • Make your image more professional
  • Disposable progressive contact lenses
  • Strong solution for age-related dry eyes problems
  • Bi-aspherical surface design – vision with high definition
  • High efficient UV block, can help to prevent cataract
  • Unique nanotechnology, make lenses easy wear

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*It is recommended that anyone who buys and wears contact lenses should have an eye examination

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Advantages of 1-day Delight A Focal Daily Progressive Contact Lenses

Nowadays, more young people suffer from Presbyopia according to crystalline lens hoidening. If you cannot read the small text on newspaper or mobile phone clearly, you may suffer from trifling Presbyopia!

Presbyopia is the normal loss of near focusing ability that occurs with age. The eyes crystalline lens stiffens with age, so it is less able to focus when you view something up close. Prolonged use of digital devices will put our eyes under a lot of stress, increase the probability of suffer from Presbyopia at a younger age. Presbyopia causes many inexpediences in daily life and will make our eyes get tired easier. Experienced Delight Hydration PLUS designed “Bi-aspherical surface progressive contact lens” with highest specification by using brand-new technology.

Multifocal Aspherical Focal (A Focal) presbyopic contact lenses
General Presbyopia suffers buy traditional progressive contact lens. However, most of the traditional progressive contact lens use different power by different circular zone, thus neglect the middle-distance vision. Therefore, when your presbyopia become more serious, you cannot read and focus on middle distance (40-100cm). Aspherical Focal Lenses by Delight Hydration PLUS can strengthen the focus of middle-distance and help you to see things in all distance clearly.

Brand-new technology strengthen the focus of middle-distance
The traditional progressive lenses on the market focus precisely through compartments, but they lack intermediate vision and will cause faults and glare. Moreover, the deeper the presbyopia, the greater the difference between the degree of myopia and the degree of myopia, and the intermediate distance will become closer. Blurred, such as the use of traditional progressive lenses to adjust the middle distance, that is, Monovision (monocular vision), one eye is mainly used to see far away, and the other eye is mainly used to see near, but because it is difficult to adapt, it will not only seriously affect the three-dimensional sense of both eyes, Moreover, using monocular focus for a long time will cause stress, make the eyes easy to fatigue, and even cause eye pain and headache. The Delight Hydration PLUS A Focal presbyopic con lens design has infinite number of focal points and especially strengthens the mid-range focusing, which can control the focus of light and averagely focus the long-distance and short-distance to the mid-distance, so that no matter far, medium or near Equally clear.

Not sure if it is suitable for you to wear presbyopic contact lenses? Don't be afraid, click here to register and redeem your 1-day Delight A Focal Daily Progressive Contact Lenses for a free try-on. Once you try it, you will know that the Delight presbyopia contact lens is good.

Advantages of 1-day Delight A Focal Disposable Progressive Contact Lenses

Bi-aspherical surface design – vision with high definition
a. Front Surface-aspherical
The aspherical design improves the spherical aberration and also relief the mild astigmatism caused by cornea cylinder. It really helps to improve the night driving vision and computer near work.

b. Back surface-aspherical design
Cornea itself is aspherical so that aspherical lens design can match properly and make good fitting with the lens on the cornea. It likes that you doesn't feel the contact lens inside in your eyes after wearing. Aspherical lenses can converge all incident light to a point on the optical axis, increasing visual acuity. Generally, spherical lenses have spherical aberration, and light rays cannot converge on a focal point, which affects blurred vision.

UV block- reduce the hazard from Sunlight
Excessive UV radiation is one of the causes of cataract. Delight A Focal - Disposable Progressive Contact Lenses have UV block function, which can effectively block 90% UVB and 50% UVA and other harmful UV rays.

Good Fit – Specially designed for the radian of Asian eyeball
All Delight Hydration PLUS lenses are designed for Asian eyeball curvature, which can improve the fit of the lens with the cornea of the eye and reduce the occurrence of shifting. The nanotechnology design makes the surface of lens smooth and thin, reducing the cause of bloodshot eyes, and easier to wear and remove.

1-day Delight A Focal Disposable Progressive Contact Lenses Product Information

Replacement Schedule Daily disposable
Material Filcon IV
Base Curve 8.6mm
Diameter 14.2mm
Power range +0.25DS to +3.00DS, PL to -6.00DS (step in 0.25DS)
-6.50DS to -9.00DS (step in 0.50DS)
Centre thickness 0.08mm @ -3.00DS
Water Content 55%
Moisturiser Hydration PLUS (Hyaluronic Acid)
Color Blue Tinted
Lens design Front, Back & Power Aspherical
Packing 30 pieces / pack

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