One Day Delight MAX Hydration PLUS Disposable Contact Lenses


  • Lens design enlargement
  • Moisturizing agent – Hydration PLUS (Hyaluronic Acid)
  • Patented with bi-aspherical surface design
  • Vision with high definition
  • UV block- reduce the hazard from Sunlight

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*It is recommended that anyone who buys and wears contact lenses should have an eye examination

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Advantages of One Day Delight MAX Disposable Contact Lenses

Good fit - color is laminated inside the lens
Color Pigment is also approved by US FDA, safe and health are both delivered.
The non-inductive lens design and unique nanotechnology make the surface of the lens smooth and fit, making it more comfortable to wear. Gradient color and extra-large ring design, wide and colorless clear optical zone, make the field of vision clearer, and add beautiful and moving eyes.

UV block- reduce the hazard from Sunlight
Eye exposure to sunlight can cause cataract and other eye diseases:- One Day Delight MAX Hydration PLUS contact lens has UV block function, it can reduce 95% of UVB and 80% of UVA. During outdoor activity, wearing One Day Delight contact lens can help to minimize the UV damage to the eyes.

Moisturizing agent - Hydration PLUS (Hyaluronic Acid)
One Day Delight MAX Hydration PLUS contains moisturizing agent HA (Hyaluronic Acid). HA has capacity to hold up its 1000 times of water molecules in order to keep the eyes wetting in all day time. HA is naturally present in the human tear film and joints of bone. Many new generation eye drops contain HA, enhancing comfort for the patients with dry eyes. It really improves the comfort & health especially at the end of the day.

Patented with bi-aspherical surface design – vision with high definition
a. Front Surface-aspherical
The aspherical design improves the spherical aberration and also relief the mild astigmatism caused by cornea cylinder. It really helps to improve the night driving vision and computer near work.

b. Back surface-aspherical design
Cornea itself is aspherical so that aspherical lens design can match properly and make good fitting with the lens on the cornea. It likes that you doesn't feel the contact lens inside in your eyes after wearing.

Two style of tones contact lenses

Brown Black

Product Information

Replacement Schedule Daily disposable
Material Filcon I
Base Curve 8.5mm
Diameter 14.2mm
Power range Plano, -0.50DS, -1.00DS to -6.00DS (step in 0.25DS) -6.50DS to -10.00DS (step in 0.50DS)
Centre thickness 0.07mm @ -3.00DS
Water Content 42%
Moisturiser Hydration PLUS (Hyaluronic Acid)
Color Brown, Black
Lens design Front, Back & Power Aspherical
Packing 30 pieces / pack

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Black, Brown


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