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One-Day Disposable Contact Lens Delight NOVA

1-Day Delight NOVA Disposable Color Contact Lenses

Four style of brown color mist design contact lens:
Bronze Cafe Kobe Lava

- Bronze and Lava with Unique and innovative mist pattern design
- And its design popular without enlarge black ring rim
- Cafe and Kobe design with enlarge your eyes naturally and with different layer of brown color design
- Create charming eyes

Features and benefits of One-Day Delight Nova Disposable Contact Lenses

Good fit - color is laminated inside the lens

Front and back surface-aspherical

The aspherical design improves the spherical aberration and also relief the mild astigmatism caused by cornea cylinder. It really helps to improve the night driving vision and computer near work.

Bi-aspherical surface design – vision with high definition

Back surface-aspherical design - Cornea itself is aspherical so that aspherical lens design can match properly and make good fitting with the lens on the cornea. It likes that you doesn't feel the contact lens inside in your eyes after wearing.

Moisturizing agent - Hydration PLUS (Hyaluronic Acid)

One-Day Delight Nova Disposable Contact Lenses contains moisturizing agent HA (Hyaluronic Acid). HA has capacity to hold up its 1000 times of water molecules in order to keep the eyes wetting in all day time. HA is naturally present in the human tear film and joints of bone. Many new generation eye drops contain HA, enhancing comfort for the patients with dry eyes. It really improves the comfort & health especially at the end of the day.

UV block- reduce the hazard from Sunlight

Excessive UV radiation is one of the causes of cataract. One-Day Delight Max Beauty Disposable Contact Lenses have UV block function, which can effectively block 95% UVB and 80% UVA and other harmful UV rays.


The Soft & light brown color with mist design feature.


Different tone of brown color rings to enhances the layer sensation.


Alternative brown and gray color design enhances the layer sensation.


The soft & light brownish gray with mist design feature.

One-Day Delight NOVA Disposable Contact Lenses Product Information

Wearing Modality Daily disposable
Lens Material 58% Polymer (Hefilcon A)
Base Curve 8.6mm
Water Content 42%
Clear Optical Zone 6.5mm
Lenses Design Bi-aspherical (high definition effect)
Wetting Agent Hydration PLUS (Hyaluronic Acid)
Diameter 14.2mm
Lens Thickness 0.06mm @ -3.00DS
Power Plano
-0.50DS, -1.00DS to -6.00DS (step in 0.25DS)
-6.50DS to -10.00DS (step in 0.50DS)
Lenses Colour Bronze, Cafe, Kobe, Lava
Packing 30 pieces / pack

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